Pressurized Solar Water Heater

When considering a solar water heater system, you will come across pressurized solar water heaters. Pressurized solar water heaters are systems where the water in the tank is at a high pressure usually the same pressure as the pressure at the tap.

Due to the high pressure of the water in the tank, this system allows the water tanks to be installed at any level you want even ground level. This means that you are not limited to installing the pressurized solar water heaters on the roof. This is especially good for systems where the roof is not optimally positioned to collect the most sunlight. The tank for this kind of system is closed and thick and can therefore be placed anywhere in the house either the living room or bathroom.

When water in a pressurized solar water heater starts flowing, it flows with a high temperature fast which then drops as usage continues. This is the most ideal for most users as because their bodies get acclimatized to the temperatures. Unlike where the temperature would first be low and then heat up with use.

Choosing between a pressurized or a non-pressurized solar water heater can be tough especially when you do not have enough knowledge of solar. Choosing a system that doesn't attain the required pressure equilibrium between the system and the output can lead to a solar system that doesn't work properly. Each kind of system requires a different kind of installation for the best results.

Our experienced and highly skilled solar experts will perform a site visit first to determine whether a pressured solar water heater will work well for your situation. We also take your hot water needs into consideration and your preferences in terms of installation when deciding on whether the pressurized solar water heater is for you. Contact us today to learn more.