Solar Water Heater Price

Non Pressurized System

Capacity Price (Ksh)
200 L Ksh 88,000/- (stainless ksh 92,000)
250 L Ksh 98,000/-(stainless ksh 102,000)
300 L Ksh 110,000/-(stainless ksh 115,000)
350 L Ksh 130,000/- (stainless ksh 135,000)

Pressurized System (Tubes)

Capacity Price (Ksh)
150 L Ksh 110,000/-(stainless ksh 115,000)
200 L Ksh 130,000/-(stainless ksh 135,000)
250 L Ksh 145,000/-(stainless ksh 150,000)
300 L Ksh 170,000/- (stainless ksh 175,000)
350 L Ksh 190,000/- (stainless ksh 195,000)

Pressurized System (Flat Plate)

Capacity Price (Ksh)
200 L Ksh 130,000/-
300 L Ksh 180,000/-
200 L (Stainless) Ksh 135,000/-
300 L (Stainless) Ksh 185,000/-

About Seven Stars Solar Water Heater

We are making it easier for Kenyans to make the shift into renewable energy one solar project at a time. We aim to make solar energy accessible to people of all walks of life by offering simple solutions that are reliable and affordable.

We design and install solar energy systems for residential and commercial clients in the country. Our commitment to solar was born from the desire to reduce impact on the environment and to help people struggling with the high energy costs to make the most desired switch to solar.

As a leading company we deal with quality solar water heater systems and more particularly the Seven Stars solar water heater. This system is highly efficient, affordable and durable. It comes in different sizes to meet the needs and budget of different clients.

We guide our customers through the entire journey. This is because we understand many customers are new to solar and therefore there is a lot they do not know. Therefore, we guide them through from site assessment, obtaining a quote, financing, installation, inspection and maintenance of the system. As such we ensure that you will get desired return on your investment.

For Purchase Inquiries, Call/Sms/Whatsapp us on 0721 686693
We are located at SMK Business Centre, Enterprise road, next to Hillocks (Abt 2 kms from GM).

Non Pressurized Solar Water Heaters

When many people think of solar water heaters, they think of the system where the solar collectors and tank are put on the roof of the house. In this type of system, the water flows down from the tank to the tap or the shower through gravity. These solar heaters are called non pressurized solar water heaters.

The non pressure solar water heater normally uses the non pressure water shutdown. This system can provide hot water without external power such as pumps. Unless it is installed at a high level above the water outlets the water pressure will be very low.

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Pressurized solar water heaters

When considering a solar water heater system, you will come across pressurized solar water heaters. Pressurized solar water heaters are systems where the water in the tank is at a high pressure usually the same pressure as the pressure at the tap.

Due to the high pressure of the water in the tank, this system allows the water tanks to be installed at any level you want even ground level. This means that you are not limited to installing the pressurized solar water heaters on the roof. This is especially good for systems where the roof is not optimally positioned to collect the most sunlight. The tank for this kind of system is closed and thick and can therefore be placed anywhere in the house either the living room or bathroom.

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Flat Plate Solar Water Heaters

Flat plate solar water heaters are the modern alternative to metal collectors. The flat plate solar water heaters are more innovative than metal collectors and come with more benefits. In some instances, these flat plat solar water heaters are able to pump the water directly into existing water tanks instead of tanks using heat exchangers. This highly simplifies the solar water system making it highly efficient and effective at delivering hot water to the end user.

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Our Location

Nairobi Industrial area along Enterprise road.

Choosing The Best

Seven Stars Solar Water Heater

Solar water heating is becoming the go-to water heating system for many homes and commercial facilities in the country. This is because of the many benefits that come with installation of solar water heaters including free hot water for life and reduced energy bills. We all know how power bills continue to be a menace for many people. The Seven Stars solar water heater is one of the most preferred and highly sought after solar water heating system in Kenya.

Seven ss stars solar water heater comes complete with a tank and collectors so you do not have to buy any parts separately. The collectors are high-efficiency vacuum tubes that deliver as much of the energy collected as possible to the water. This means the water in the tubes get heated up quickly. This is important because it means you do not have to wait for a long time to get hot water if the water in the tank is exhausted.

The tank included in the Seven Stars solar water heater is double-layered with an insulating material in between. The double layers and insulating material ensure there is minimal heat loss from the tank. As such, the heated water that is already collected in the tank stays hot for longer. With the Seven ss Stars solar water heater you can enjoy hot water flowing from the tank late at night or early morning when there isn't any sun shining.

The tanks come with decent storage capacities of about 100 to 300 litres depending on the thickness. Usually these tanks suffice to serve the hot water needs of many homes. For commercial purposes, you can also choose to use another tank that you already have for storage of the hot water. However, in such a system you might need to have an integrated electric heating system to maintain the water at desired temperatures. These can also be done in residential properties with high demand for hot water.

Professional Solar Water Heater Installation you can Trust

A good solar water heating system is no good if it is not properly installed. Many people who try DIY solar installations or have their systems installed by quacks suffer down the line as their systems fail. They are also unable to get the full benefits of their systems due to many inefficiencies and lack of professional advice and guidance.

This the reason why the Seven Stars solar water heaters are installed by technicians that are highly trained and certified by the ERC. As such, you can be sure that the installed system will last for as long as the manufacturer envisioned and perform as advertised. We are so confident in our installation skills that we offer a leading manufacturer defect warranty on systems we have installed.

Solar Water Heater That is Easy to Use and Maintain

When properly installed, the system also requires minimal maintenance. You do not need to change anything unless something in the system fails. However, you should have a professional look at the system once or twice every year to ensure everything is in superb working condition.

The Seven ss Stars solar water heater system comes with an intelligent controller that is installed inside your house. This system is critical to the performance and life of your solar water heater. This is because the intelligent controller ensures you have full control over the system. It allows you to automatically know how much water is in the tank on the roof and automatically tops up the water when it is low. This way the system stays in safe operation mode which reduces chances of any dangers occurring.

Your Trusted Seven Stars Solar Water Heater Supplier

The Seven Stars solar water heater is really a great solar water heater system but to enjoy professional services and get the genuine product then you need to work with a leading solar company. That is exactly where our company comes in. We are company that specializes in supply and professional installation of Seven ss stars solar water heaters. Our team of experts will help you choose a system that will meet your hot water needs and come install it professionally for you. Contact us now to learn more.